Football Dynasty 15 – Drafting TONIGHT at 10pm ET

Football Dynasty 15 will operate under the same rulebook as the fourteen other AML Football Dynasty Leagues. If you want to join, post your email below and I will send an invite.

There is no obligation to join at all. Do not join this league if you are happy with your current teams. If we do not fill this league we will simply try again tomorrow. There are enough people on Yahoo looking to join a league that I only want you to join if you can commit 100% to the league.

DobberHockey and DobberFootball Guides

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DobberFootball 2015-2016 Fantasy Football Projections


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Football Dynasty 14 – Drafting TONIGHT at 8pm ET

You know the drill, same rulebook as our current football dynasty leagues. Post below if you want a team in the league. It’s already half full with external teams.

Additionally, if you just want to draft a team tonight but don’t want to keep it all season long, I can let you draft the commish team. I don’t want to draft all the expansion leagues for the commish, because it would involve mostly the same targeted players in each league. I want to diversify the commish teams a little bit.

Post below!