2015 AML Dynasty Football Champions


Well another year in Fantasy Football has come to a close. This year 15 new leagues were added to  standard football so we have 25 Champions. I will list 1st ,2nd and 3rd in each league. I will also list the contract league and the 2 relagation leagues as well. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to those that managed their teams to the end. That is so important in the dynasty format. Without further adieu.....


Dynasty Football 1     1.Aesculus Glabra                     2.New York Hitmen                   3.Quahogs

Dynasty Football 2     1.Denver Hitmen                      2.Kelly's Dragons                       3.Killers

Dynasty Football 3     1.Chicago Hitmen                     2.Stark Direwolves                    3.Fantasy Sports Guru

Dynasty Football 4     1.Jetropolitans                          2.Aesculus Glabra                      3.Green & Gold

Dynasty Football 5     1.Quahogs                                  2.Morgil's Mules                         3.Broad Street Bullies

Dynasty Football 6     1.Fantasty Express                   2.Fredricksburg Ferret              3.@BeBogus

Dynasty Football 7     1.Edmonton Crunch                2.Death Valley                             3.Beastmode

Dynasty Football 8     1.Jetropolitans                         2.Fantasy Sports Guru               3.Broad Street Bullies

Dynasty Football 9     1.Fantasy Express                    2.Green & Gold                            3.Blazing Rams

Dynasty Football 10   1.Broad Street Bullies             2.UNC Tarheels                           3.Krazzy Kanuck

Contract Football 1     1.Edmonton Crunch               2.Easy Freese                               3.The D-Train

Dynasty Football 11.   1.Silence is Golden                  2.The Landlord                           3.William's Team

Dynasty Football 12    1.Ravallion Star Colt's            2.Retribution                              3.Touchdown There

Dynasty Football 13    1.Los Brolo El Cunados         2.Jetropolitans                            3.Megatron

Dynasty Football 14    1.General Monkey                  2.Taste the DwayneBowe          3.Roland Cometh

Dynasty Football 15    1.Steel Curtain                        2.Wheat's Team                           3.4th and 20

Dynasty Football 16    1.Touchdown or Die              2.The Mile High Club                 3.Green & Gold

Dynasty Football 17    1.Polk High Panthers            2.YesYeh 45                                  3.Beastmode

Dynasty Football 18    1.Lanister Lions                     2.Landsharks                               3. Holy Playoff

Dynasty Football 19    1.Baltimore Hitmen              2.Landsharks                               3.Dream Bear

Dynasty Football 20   1.Oklahoma Sooners             2.Cleveland Hitmen                   3.Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Football 21   1.Fighting Pacifists                2.The Landlord                            3.Olde Puteney

Dynasty Football 22   1.Broad Street Bullies           2.Mickey Donavan                      3.Fighting Sports Ninja

Dynasty Football 23   1.Roadhouse                           2.Colt Following                          3.Yaoming 2.0's Team

Dynasty Football 24   1.Candy Corn & Zima           2.Taco Corp.                                 3.No Remorse

Dynasty Football 25   1.Jayson's Team                    2.Black Storm                               3.Chris' Team

Relagation Platinum  1.Planner                                2.Philadelphia Hitmen               3.Asculus Glabra

Relagation Gold 1       1.Savage Crusaders              2.Baller's Boss Team                   3.Unc Tarheels


So there it is....all the ones who survived the year of injuries and made their way to the top. Edmonton Crunch won the coveted contract title this year along with League 7, BSB won 2 more trophies to add to his collection and teams like Jetropolitans, Fantasy Express and The Hitmen Teams(they are all the same manager) had multiple titles. Thanks Again to all that played and Have a Wonderful NEW YEAR!!!


New Network Name


Good afternoon Everyone,

I hope everyone has had and continues to have a very Merry Christmas.  As promised we now have a new network name as voted by all of you.

and the winner is..........(drum roll Please)

The Fantasy Sports Coalition (FSC)

The voting was extremely close.  Thanks to everyone who submitted names and voted.  Looking forward to the next steps with all of you in the coming months.

Matt (Oakville A's)

New Network Update and Naming Contest


Thanks to everyone who has written to me offering assistance in creating (re-establishing) this network.  There should be more news throughout the holiday season as things progress but I am happy to report that it definitely looks promising that we will be able to continue bringing you the best fantasy sports network under a different name.  Our new web design team is hard at work trying out a variety of different options and service providers to ensure we bring you the best service moving forward.


With that being said we are looking to all of you to help us name the new network.  So what we are doing is having a naming contest.  Please leave your suggestions below and we will choose the top 3 and then have a network wide vote to determine our new name.  Please post your suggestions below by no later than Dec 13, 2015 at 11:59pm EST.  We will have voting open by Dec 15, 2015 at 12:00pm EST and voting will close on December 23, 2015 at 11:59pm EST.  The winning name will be announced on Christmas Day sometime.

Oak (Matt)

The Continuation of the Network


As everyone is probably aware by now Mark made the announcement on Friday that this would be the last season of the AML network.  While we are sad to see this happen after 5 years of great fantasy sports playing across 4 sports, this is also an opportunity for this community to step up and keep something going that is much more than just Mark.  Our love for the sports we play and the community that this network has created over the years.

I know some people have had concerns and some have even left over the weekend because they felt the network would just shut down this week.  I am here to say that this isn't the case.  The AML network will continue to run through it's regular football, hockey and basketball seasons before any action will be taken to the website or the leagues.

I also want to reassure people as I did on Friday night that THIS NETWORK WILL CONTINUE.  There is too large a core of guys here to just let everything fall apart.  It may not be called AML and it may not be run on this same website but our contract leagues and standard leagues will continue to operate.  How this will look will depend on all of us.  I am willing to take over and work with others in this network to find viable options to keep this community together and alive.  We have time so please do not rush to judgement.  We ask for your time and support as we plan for the future knowing that there is a committed group of guys working to make sure these past 5 years have not been for nothing.

To those who have said they would help me already let me express my thanks.  This network and the future network cannot run without your assistance and support.  For those that wish to get more involved please drop me a message either on this site or through my email at mattnjac@gmail.com.  If you are someone with website building and tech skills we would love to have you on board to help with the transition.

To those that wish to not continue with the network and want to leave I respect that and I can't control your decision.  I would ask that if you want to leave network regardless of it continuing then please email me with your team name and the leagues you are in and we will plan for your departure but I would ask that you remain active in the current leagues until a suitable replacement can be found.

Thank you to all of you.  I never would have thought I would have so much fun in a network, let alone help run one but everyone of you has shown me a passion for sports and I wish to see this continue.


Oakville A's

The Final Season of AML


Over the past 5 years, I have had a blast creating a variety of fantasy sports leagues and assembling a network of fantasy sports enthusiasts. I have met a lot of great people and enjoyed every minute of the camaraderie this network provided. Unfortunately, it is time for me to move on from this network. As most of you know, I am a university student highly interested in economic studies. I want to invest myself into that field and explore economic ideas in greater detail.

As a result, this current season will be the final one for AML in its current state. I will not be renewing any more leagues with the administrator account. The people who wish to take over some leagues and run them independently are welcome to do so. You can contact me via PM for more details on that.

It's been a pleasure running this network, but it's time for me to move on. Thanks for the good memories and great leagues.



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