The End of AML


Over the last five years I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know so many fantasy sports enthusiasts like myself. It has been a great ride, but as I have mentioned before, it is time for me to move on and work on some other things.

I’ve learned an incredible amount over the past five years. From spreadsheets to website and network development, there was never a dull day for me here on the site and in the fantasy sports leagues we all participated in. For this, I am truly grateful.

To Matt (Oakville A’s) who has been with me from the start, words will never acknowledge the magnitude of your efforts to help me keep this network afloat. You deserve more recognition than you could possibly ever receive. Thank you for everything.

At the end of the day, I started these networks with the belief that I could fill a need of fantasy sports enthusiasts for ultra-competitive leagues. That need was somewhat filled, but it came at a great cost of my time. I had hoped the reward of investing that time would lead to a sustainable business model in the fantasy sports realm. However, the true reward lies in all the knowledge I gained from building this network from nothing. I will keep those lessons with me for a long time.

This site will be archived in its current state for a while longer. However, it will be shut down this summer.

I wish the FSC a very successful future. All the best.

Official Launch of the Fantasy Sports Coalition Network


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am pleased to announce the official launch of the Fantasy Sports Coalition’s new website, and new home for the best fantasy sports experience online.  We understand that the AML network and this site will be shutting down at the completion of the hockey and basketball seasons so in an effort to provide you with as much time to transition we have launched the new site as of today:

We ask all existing managers staying on to visit the site and do the easy registration found there.  Also GMs in the contract leagues I need you to also register on the proboards forum attached to the site as well so you can begin to post.  We will have a free agent pause in baseball until all managers are registered.

Thank you for your commitment to our network and we look forward to seeing you at our new home.

Matt (Oakville A’s)

Standard Baseball NA Rule Reposted from Last Season**PLEASE READ**


Here is the NA rule as it will stand for this season as approved by the AML board.

NA Rule: All standard leagues will continue to utilize 3 NA slots for the purpose of stashing talented players while still maintaining a competitive and fair balanced active roster.  A team may only carry 3 NA players in these slots and must be in compliance by the start of the regular MLB season (Sunday, April 3rd, 2016). Any NA player listed on your roster on April 3rd at the start of the first MLB game will be immediately removed by the commissioner to the waiver wire. Please read NA exceptions below.

NA Exceptions:

1.  Any player, regardless of age, free agent or prospect, can be placed on the NA slot meaning as long as yahoo has given them an NA designation the only way they can be on their roster is in the NA slot.  The only exception being any player suspended by the MLB must remain on your active roster.

2. Teams will be allowed to carry one NA player on their active roster during the season as long as the player started the season in the MLB and was sent down to the minors at some point during the season.

Grace Period:

1. Outside of the start of the MLB season, should a player become NA for any reason besides suspension, that GM will have 7 days to either make room in their NA slots via dropping someone or via trade before punishment will be enforced.


First Violation: Immediately removal of NA player by commissioner from the offending GMs roster.

Second Violation: Immediately removal of NA player by commissioner from offending GMs roster plus the benching of the entire teams roster for the Saturday following the infraction.

Third Violation: Immediate replacement in the league and possible removal from the network pending board review.

In essence the NA rule is the exact same as last season except we did away with the age and prospect restrictions and opened one active roster spot for players that make their MLB teams but get sent down later. We understand this still may not be perfect but these changes were the overwhelming majority from the survey.  If you have any questions please either post below or PM me directly here.

Good luck this season and a big thank you again to everyone who helped shape this rule this off season.


Chair of the AML Board

NEW Dynasty Baseball League 9 has FILLED ALL TEAMS!


Thanks to those that joined!!


This year we were able to renew all of our standard dynasty baseball leagues except league 8. When it looked like we would not be able to obtain access to league 8 I started a new league for those that lost their teams. We were then able to regain control of league 8 and those teams were restored. At that point I decided to keep the new league since there were about 11 managers that wanted to draft a team from scratch. This opportunity does not come along often in Dynasty leagues. If you would like to grab a spot and make a team your own then post your email below and I will try to get you signed up. There is no restriction as to who can grab a spot but as always we ask that if you have multiple teams or have been around awhile that you understand if we give these teams to the newer managers in the network. There are about 9 spots available. I will post this under available teams in the forum also. If you already have grabbed a team from the available exiting teams then I thank you and hope you have an enjoyable season playing fantasy sports on FSC Dynasty.



Great News! We have filled all the Available standard baseball  leagues! Thank you to everyone who took a team and to those that helped get them filled! We have 6 teams in league 9 still available which are totally new(see post above). Keeper deadline is March 12th so let’s get those keepers set ASAP! Everyone have a great season and Thanks for choosing FSC Dynasty Sports!

Available Baseball teams (Edited March 4th)




Our network is currently seeking dedicated managers to take over baseball teams for the upcoming season. We have less than 10 teams currently available across our network. To view the list of teams, click the Available Teams link at the top of this page (or go here: To claim a team, simply post your email on a team, and we will send the invite ASAP.


Draft dates  are published in the post below this one.The keeper deadline is currently set for March 12th in all leagues. By this date managers will chose 20 keepers. New managers and old managers alike are welcome to take over teams! Feel free to refer friends from your other leagues to try our network this baseball season.


Good luck! If you have a question please post it below.


*EDIT* Email me at if you are having trouble signing up, and I will send you the invite to the squad(s) you want.

Baseball Dynasty Draft Dates 2016


Hello everyone and welcome to another year of Dynasty Baseball. This year we will try to consolidate the drafts into 2 weekends. Since a 5 round draft only takes around 30 minutes, we should be able to do 3 a day. As we are transitioning the network to a new forum we have decided to not start Relagation Baseball leagues until next year. Also I have been throwing around the idea of starting an AL Only Dynasty league and an NL Only Dynasty league next year. Please respond below if this is something you might like to try.If any commissioner has an issue with the day or time of your draft please reply below and we will try to move things around ,otherwise the drafts will remain on those days. Thanks for returning for another exiting year of Dynasty Baseball and Good Luck.


Dynasty Baseball 1…………Saturday March 19th at 7PM est

Dynasty Baseball 2………..Saturday March 19th at 8PM est

Dynasty Baseball 3………..Saturday March 19th at 9PM est


Dynasty Baseball 4………..Sunday March 20th at 7pm est

Dynasty Baseball 5…………Sunday March 20th at 8PM est

Dynasty Baseball 6…………Sunday March 20th at 9PM est


Dynasty Baseball 7…………Saturday March 26th at 7PM est

Dynasty Baseball 8…………Saturday March 26th at 8PM est

Dynasty Baseball 9…………Saturday March 26th at 9PM est(New league draft)

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