Twitter Updates are now being posted

July 21, 2014 in General

I will be updating the twitter section of the home page<<<<<<<(just look to your left). I will try to keep up to date news from all 4 sports posted on a regular basis. Wouldn’t want to miss where Dan Uggla got signed….LOL

Available Team—Madhouse–Baseball 5

July 16, 2014 in General

A Baseball team has just become available in our Baseball League 5. The team is currently in 7th place and has all draft picks for next year. Please post your email if you are interested. Also those who have less than two teams will be considered first. If you are new to the network ,please click on the new members tab at the top of the main page and register. Then you are ready to claim available teams.Click on page 2 to see team roster.


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Chat is Back

July 16, 2014 in General

The old chat has finally been restored. Please PM me if you experience any problems with it. Thanks everyone for your patience.

ANNOUNCEMENT – Football Contract League

July 13, 2014 in General

Here is the big announcement…………… Football Contract League 1 WILL be released this season!

This league features an auction draft, with a 160 cap. The positions are as follows: 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T, 10 BN, 5 IR, 1 K, 1 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB.

Also, the minor league roster will consist of current College players, which is an awesome feature to this league.

There are only limited spots available for this league, so make sure you post if you are interested. Also, please know this league runs through the forums here on the site and is 24/7 and 365. This league requires a good amount of time and if your not willing to spend time throughout the year on football, this league is not for you.

Please, please read the rulebook before you decide to post about joining this league.

Madhouse and I will be commissioners for this league.

Hopefully you guys will like this league and if you are interested, please make a post below!!!


The D Train



AML Network – Update

July 12, 2014 in General

Hey All,


Just wanted to provide everyone with an update of the AML network.


All football standard and invitational leagues are full and locked in. Every team must now select 18 keepers on yahoo. Commishs of these leagues, please make sure you input draft pick trades, set the draft order, and make sure everything is running smoothly. The announcement in football will be coming very, very shortly. Please be ready for that!


No real news here. All leagues are running smoothly. Good luck to all in making the playoffs!

Hockey, Basketball

We are not yet doing renewals for these two sports, except for hockey contract. We are currently looking for two qualified GMs who are ready to be in a 24/7, 365 league. We currently have two openings – go to the forums, then go to general for more information on these two available teams. Please contact me or Oakville A’s if you are interested in grabbing a spot.


That is all for now! Thanks and good luck in all your leagues!


D Train


Tanaka Update

July 11, 2014 in General

Tanaka has been diagnosed with a partially torn UCL in his throwing arm, the tear is considered small and Tanaka has decided to try and rehab the injury before having Tommy John Surgery. If the rehab goes perfectly ,Tanaka is looking at a minimum of six weeks before he can pitch again. This would put his return at the end of August. The question becomes will he be effective for the last few weeks of the season? He was a beast for those that were lucky enough to grab him this year but like about a 1/5 of all starters it seems he’s fallen victim to years of throwing at a high velocity and it’s going to be very interesting to see if he can avoid the Tommy John route.

Fantasy Baseball Update for week of July 7th

July 8, 2014 in General

In the coming weeks ,I want to try and post some updates on fantasy baseball injuries and news. most of the managers on the network will find this info useless as they will already know most of what I am posting but for those of you who may not know I will try and enlighten you. Most of the info that I post here is from injury expert Stephania Bell of ESPN. You can follow her on twitter at Stephania_ESPN.

First up bad news for me on my contract league. Looks like Joey Votto could be out for an extended period of time with his recent distal quad injury. This is the same knee that he had surgery on last year. Hope this is not the chronic issue that it looks like it could be. He was on the DL earlier with this issue and we were told he would not be 100% the rest of the year. The Reds have played Jay Bruce at 1st base recently and could move him there if they think it’s easier to find an outfielder than a 1st baseman.  Bryan Pena and Todd Frazier will also help out at 1st in Votto’s absence. He’s been placed on the 15day DL retroactive to July 6th but in my opinion the Reds will give him all the time he needs to get healthy.

The player that I traded for Votto in contract , Edwin Encarnacion, has also been put on the 15 day DL with a Quad injury that he got trying to beat out a double play relay throw at first. Since this injury is not an ongoing injury the 15 day DL stint should be enough to get Encarnacion back on the field after the All Star Break. You may see Jose Bautista at 1st in Edwin’s absence .

In pitcher news: Gerrit Cole is headed back to the DL with a Lat injury. This will be his 2nd DL stint with the same injury this season. This could be a red flag that Cole could be bothered by the Lat injury for the rest of the year.

When is Cliff Lee coming back and will the Phillies trade him? Two very good questions. The Phillies want to get Lee back in pitching shape in a couple of rehab starts before bringing him back. Bad weather cut his last rehab start short so the Phills are hoping they will see something good out of Lee this Wednesday as he pitches in High A Clearwater. Lee will return after the All Star Break unless he has a setback in his rehab assignment.

And finally where will Chase Headley end up? The Blue Jays seem interested but there are also rumors of the Yankees looking at Headley. Not sure but maybe the Yankees want to look at some pitching to go with Tanaka. Not sure Chase Headley will help a team that just released Alphonso Soriano who was hitting .221/6hr/23rbi/1sb for a guy in Headley hitting .229/6hr/27rbi/3sb. Maybe it’s just me.

Well that’s it for now. I welcome comments and ideas for the next post. Have a great 2nd half and get ready for Football and Hockey!

UPDATE *** All Available Football Teams Taken*****

July 2, 2014 in General

Once again all of our Football leagues are full and thanks to all of the managers old and new who stepped up to grab a team this year. If you still want another team or you are a new member looking for a team there still may be a few that become available before the season starts so keep checking the site .If you want to reply with your franchise name and email then we may contact you if a team becomes available. Hockey season is also coming so watch the site for Available Hockey teams They are being posted now! Good luck and keep checking the site for an announcement about something new in Football this year!

Available Team -AML Hockey Contract 1 – Rochester Raiders

July 2, 2014 in General

A opening has just recently come available in our hockey contract league.  If you are interested in joining this 24.7, 365 days of the year type league please message me below.  The team roster can be found on the forum page under hockey contract and master roster list.  Please review the rules before showing interest as this takes a very special and dedicated GM to be a part of this league.

Football Invitational Update

June 30, 2014 in General

Hey Everyone,

I’m just letting everyone know that I’m looking for 3 more GMs who would like to take part in this year’s Invitational. In order to be considered, you must have completed a FULL season in one of the AML Dynasty Leagues. Also, the purpose of the Invitational league is to gather GMs who did well in their respective dynasty league.

So if you’re interested please respond to this posting with your franchise name and your best place finish in your dynasty league.

For an example,

Blazing Rams

1st Place in League 9

If more than 1 person responds with the same best finished, then the tiebreaker will be determined by who posted first. Unless I have spots available. If 3 people happened to finish 2nd, then those three will get the final 3 spots.

The draft is scheduled for Sunday, August 31st @ 9pm EST. If you know you can’t draft that night PLEASE don’t respond. It’s a MUST that everyone in the league is present for the draft.

For information about this league: