Weekly Network Update (August 24 – 30)

This is the first installment of weekly updates to keep you informed of what's going on in our network. These updates will be released on Mondays.

Available Teams

A few available teams have popped up in our network. They are posted here in the AML Forum. Check them out if you want to add another team in our network.


Renewal of Football Standard Dynasty Leagues

Most of our existing football teams have already drafted and are ready to start the new season! Some managers experienced a crushing blow to hear that Jordy Nelson (WR, Green Bay) is likely out for the season with a serious knee injury. Hopefully you all have viable backup solutions at wide receiver or this could put a serious damper on your championship aspirations this year.

Adding More Football Standard Dynasty Leagues

We are in the process of adding more Football Standard Dynasty Leagues to our network! Our goal is to run a total of thirty leagues that all operate under the same rulebook. So far we have 24 leagues and new leagues are being added daily.

Football Contract Dynasty League

Our football contract league is in full swing now that the preseason draft and free agent frenzy is behind us. As this is our most active and most challenging football league in the AML Network, I'm excited to see how the first few weeks of the season pans out and if any teams need to make adjustments on the fly. Good luck guys!


Baseball Playoffs are less than three weeks away! The trade deadline is well behind us and it's time to focus on squeezing into the final playoff spots. Good luck to everyone on your quest to finally win an AML Championship! Making playoffs is difficult enough, but winning an AML league is one of the greatest accomplishments you will achieve in fantasy sports.

Hockey and Basketball

All of our current hockey and basketball leagues have been renewed. Check your email to re-join your league from last year. If you want to take one some additional teams, we will be posting available ones in the AML Forum. Make sure to check there frequently (or subscribe to that forum) so you don't miss out on getting another team!

Fantasy Football Perspective: Injuries and their Impact

Hello and welcome to what I hope to be a continuing look into some interesting aspects of fantasy football. Just my observations on some common things and hopefully it will be a little informative and a little interesting. So, let's get started shall we?

This year, like every year, we go into the football season with high hopes for our teams and our favorite players. Then, just when you think you have your cheat sheet all tweaked and in order ,that terrible thing happens to throw a wrench in the works and we have to start all over with our evaluations. That terrible thing i am talking about is INJURIES Yes Injuries...it's already started with players being carted off training camp fields with torn ACL's and MCL's, and that's without any contact from other players...OUCH!

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AML Standard League Fantasy Football Draft Assessment 2015

The age old question in any great fantasy league is “Who do I draft? And in which round do I take them?” These questions are that much harder to answer in the AML Standard Leagues across all sports because of the fact that we keep 18 players year to year with only a 5 round supplemental draft so outside of the rookie talent that is entering most leagues, top players are rare and hard to come by in the draft making it even that much more difficult to decide on who to take and when.

Since this weekend marks the second full weekend of football drafts in the AML network I have taken some time to review all the leagues to see the players available and assess based on position the best available draft picks as well as give you a list of sleeper picks that could be available in the later rounds of our drafts that have the potential to greatly assist you during the season.

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Testing the Free Agent Market – A review of the 2015 Contract Hockey League Free Agent Class

General Managers around the NHL and all major sports have always heard the words “ I am going to test the free agent market” from their pending free agents and the same holds true for the AML Fantasy Sports Network’s Contract Hockey General Managers as this upcoming weekend begins what will be a crazy, whirlwind couple of weeks of free agency. Some steals will be had, some players will get over paid or bust and the battle to add the final pieces to their respective clubs will ensue. So in looking ahead here is an analysis of who is available in the upcoming free agency period.

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More Fantasy Guides

The AML Fantasy Sports Network is a proud supporter of the fantasy guides over at Dobber Sports. These guides are detailed, highly accurate, and some of the most frequently updated guides you will find on the market!

Click here to see the complete selection of Dobber Sports Guides (opens in new window)

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Football Guide:

  • Dobber's 2015-2016 Draft Cheat Sheet ($4.99)

Hockey Guides:

  • Dobber's 2015-2016 Keeper League Fantasy Hockey Pack ($16.50)
  • Dobber's 2015 Ultimate Fantasy Hockey Pack ($29.99) Save 67% with the offer located here
  • Fantasy Hockey Geek Draft Kit ($15.99)
  • Dobber's 2015-2016 Fantasy Hockey Guide ($9.99)

Baseball Guide:

  • Dobber's 2015 Baseball Cheat Sheets ($3.99)


Pick up a guide and support this site!

AML Standard Dynasty Football Drafts Continue Saturday August 22nd

Just a reminder that the second weekend of drafts for existing Dynasty Football Leagues continues Saturday August 22nd at 9PM EST and will run over the next two weekends. Please see the schedule below for your day and time and make every effort to be at the draft. Remember all standard leagues are just 5 round drafts and take around 30 minutes to complete. If you can't be at the draft please rank your players so you don't end up with IR players or players that are no longer in the NFL. Remember 288 players have been kept among 16 teams.(Contract not included)


Football 4..................Saturday August 15th at 7PM EST Drafted

Football 2...................Saturday August 15th at 9PM EST Drafted

Football 3....................Sunday August 16th at 7PM EST Drafted

Football 1....................Sunday August 16th at 9PM EST Drafted

Football 5.....................Saturday August 15th at 9PM EST Drafted

Football 6.....................Saturday August 22nd at 9PM EST

Football 7......................Sunday August 23rd at 7PM EST

Football 8......................Sunday August 23rd at 9PM EST

Football 9......................Saturday August 29th at 7PM EST

Football 10.....................Saturday August 29th at 9PM EST

Relagation(Platinum)....Sunday September 6th at 7PM EST

Relagation (Gold 1)........Friday August 21st at 8:45PM EST

Relagation (Gold 2).......Sunday September 6th at 7PM EST

Hockey Player Valuation Spreadsheet

I am pleased to unveil one of the best valuation tools you will ever use in fantasy hockey!

In most fantasy hockey leagues, too much emphasis is placed on goal scoring. While the goal of real hockey is obviously to score more goals than the opposing team, your goal in fantasy hockey is to win more fantasy stat categories than the opposing team. Simply put, a win is a win, and regardless of how many snipers you have on your team, you also need to consider the fact that winning the goals category while losing the hits category doesn't gain you anything in the long run. Your goal in our AML hockey leagues should be to accumulate a broad spectrum of production across all of the stat categories.

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Extracting Value in Fantasy Hockey: Snipers (Part 1)

In the previous articles for extracting value, we looked at some general strategies for identifying value that other people may not recognize. Now, let's look at how we can apply this to fantasy hockey. Specifically, let's dive into a category of players in fantasy hockey: Snipers. So how exactly can you extract value from Snipers? How can you identify when they are under- and over-valued and cash in before your opponents do?

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Extracting Value in Fantasy Sports: Timing Differences

Welcome to another edition of Extracting Value in Fantasy Sports. The Overview articles outlined three basic principles of player valuation and also touched on some cognitive biases that we all fall victim to from time to time. Moving right along, now let’s take a look at four different ways that you can actually extract value from players and General Managers in your league.

  1. Value from Timing Differences (This Article)
  2. Value from Diversifying your Stats (Coming Soon)
  3. Value from Older Players (Coming Soon)
  4. Value from Better Information (Coming Soon)
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Next Article - Extracting Value in Fantasy Sports: Diversifying Your Stats (Coming Soon)

This article will help you understand how to properly value your stat categories to maximize your team production.

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