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AML Daily Fantasy Sports

May 3, 2015 in General

**Commissioners: Please post this notice in your leagues**

Daily fantasy sports is coming to AML!

I am pleased to announce that AML is adding daily cash fantasy sports to the site. You will some new pages added to the site over the next few days.

All cash transactions will be done over PayPal so that your financial information is kept secure.

The first contest will be a trial run that is FREE to play, with no payout. Cash games will be announced at a later date.

Here are the details for the first game:

  • Date: Sunday, April 26 (ALL DAY)
  • Game Type: Pick’em
  • Sports Included: Every game that is played on Sunday in the MLB, NHL, and NBA will be included
  • Cost: FREE
  • Participants: 10

If you want to be one of the first people to test out the new program with me, please post your name below. 



**TAKEN**Available Team * Zim Dynasty * Baseball League 8

April 29, 2015 in Available Teams

Available team in baseball league 8. If you are interested in taking over this team, please leave your email in the comments section below so I can send you the invite. League 8 is one of the newer leagues, so it is the closest league to just starting. Players on this team will be posted on page 2.


**TAKEN**Available Team – Zim Dynasty – AML Baseball 1

April 29, 2015 in General

Team is open for anyone to claim


**TAKEN**Available Team – Zim Dynasty – AML Baseball 2

April 29, 2015 in General

This team is open for anyone to claim, team on page 2  

AML Contract Football Renewal and Wait List

April 2, 2015 in General

The team check in has begun for the 2015 football season.  If you were in the league last season please ensure that you check in with your plans for next season by Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 11:59pm EST.  If you are not returning please let me know ASAP. The College Draft will begin on April 15th.

For those GMs that would like to get into this league please leave your name and email below, once I know how many teams are available we will contact all GMs on the wait list.  Because of the complexity of this league this is not a first come first serve type replacement we will be looking for the best possible replacement.  Previous contract league experience is an asset. To review the rules of the league please click the following link to see them.

Any questions please let me know otherwise either leave your name to join the wait list or returning GMs please renew your team.

NA Rule Clarification for AML Standard Baseball Leagues 2015

March 28, 2015 in General

Good afternoon All,

I know since renewal started for our baseball leagues and with all our available teams posted many of you are wanting to have the NA clarified especially since we had the survey sent out to the network last year for review.  First let me start off my staying thank you to all those that provided feedback through the survey.  We received close to 50 responses from GMs across all our baseball leagues and we have reviewed the responses and using the feedback you provided we have altered the NA rule slightly.

Here is the NA rule as it will stand for this season as approved by the AML board.

NA Rule: All standard leagues will continue to utilize 3 NA slots for the purpose of stashing talented players while still maintaining a competitive and fair balanced active roster.  A team may only carry 3 NA players in these slots and must be in compliance by the start of the regular MLB season (Sunday, April 5th, 2015). Any NA player listed on your roster on April 5th at the start of the Cards/Cubs game will be immediately removed by the commissioner to the waiver wire. Please read NA exceptions on page 2



March 23, 2015 in General

Please try and attend the draft since it will be a full team draft. This will take several hours but should be lots of fun. All other AML Baseball drafts are complete and Thanks to all who took the time to draft. Good Luck!


Drafts for AML Baseball 1-2-3 and 4 Start this Saturday**See Below

March 20, 2015 in General

The following draft dates have been set so please mark your calendars and plan to attend the draft for your league. The draft is only 5 rounds(unless you are in invitational) and usually only last between 30 and 45 minutes(sometimes less). Please note that some draft times are PST(pacific standard time) and some are EST so a draft listed as 4:30 PST will be at 7:30 EST, and 6:00 PST will be 9:00 EST(central and mountain can do their own math…).Please be aware of this when looking at the time on the Yahoo league page. Keepers due date will be listed next to each league but please get them in as soon as possible so as soon as each league is filled we can finalize keepers. Any questions please post below.

Baseball 6   –   March 14th at 4:30(7:30est)  –  Keepers in by March 4th

Baseball 8   –   March 14th at 6:00(9:00est)  –  Keepers in by March 4th

Baseball 7   –   March 15h at 4:30(7:30est)  –  -Keepers in by March 4th

Baseball 5   –   March 15th at 6:00(9:00est)  –  Keepers in by March 4th

Baseball 4   –   March 21st at 4:30(7:30est)  –  Keepers in by March 9th

Baseball 3   –   March 21st at 6:00(9:00est)  –  Keepers in by March 9th

Baseball 1   –   March 22nd at 4:30(7:30est)  –  Keepers in by March 9th

Baseball 2   –   March 22nd at 6:00(9:00est)  –  Keepers in by March 9th

Baseball Invitational  –  March 28th at 5:00(8:00est)  –  No keepers  –  22 round redraft


AML March Madness Challenge

March 15, 2015 in General

Time to bust out your best brackets as the AML network presents it annual March Madness Challenge.

Here is the link to join the pool and the password is aml

Join the pool and select your bracket by Thursday at noon.

Any issues let me know.


Oakville A’s

AML Invitational Baseball League 2015 **ALL SPOTS FILLED**

March 2, 2015 in Available Teams, General

The AML Invitational Baseball League is an invitation only league that was set up for the best players in the league to compete in a non Dynasty redraft. The top nine players from this league are invited back each year and other managers that have won championships in baseball are also invited. It looks like there will be about 5 openings this year that will need to be filled. If you think you are worthy of playing with the best and want to be in this league then post your info in the comments. I will look over all the managers that express interest and will send invites out to those that qualify. I will be looking for managers that finished in the top 3 in one of our standard leagues or from our contract league. Also managers that are top contenders each year will be considered. Draft is March 28th @ 8pm EST.Hope everyone has a GREAT Year on AML.

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